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4 Simple Steps to Starting a Nonprofit

Most people think if you do a little paperwork, you can become a nonprofit.  True, paperwork is needed, but there is much more to starting a nonprofit successfully.  This class will take you through the four key steps needed, and includes links, web addresses, a 23 page workbook and other resources.  17 lessons broken into bite size pieces/123 minutes.  Course price is $49.

Building Your Nonprofit Knowledge

If you want to increase your knowledge of what nonprofits really are, and how they fit into society, this class is for you.  This is a valuable class for anyone new to the nonprofit sector as well as for anyone wanting a truly well rounded understanding of nonprofits in the world.  27 lessons broken into bite size pieces/61 minutes.  Course price is $49.

The best strategic planning during uncertain times is the Situational or Contingency model of strategic planning, and, this is probably a different type of planning than most nonprofits use.  Learn about why this temporary change is necessary, and go through the actual planning process.  6 lessons/18 minutes. Course price is $29.

Check back for additional courses coming soon.


Strategic Planning During the Pandemic

(Short Course)


Things Happen.

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