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Strategic Planning Worksheet

Strategic Planning is something done, usually yearly, to help nonprofits move toward achieving their (mission) goals.  This worksheet is an outline of how to run a Situational, or Contingency strategic planning session, the most logical for use during a chaotic time.  Feel free to use the worksheet on its own, or if you need additional help, there is a short course, Strategic Planning During the Pandemic, that you can sign up for here.

Board of Directors Orientation Checklist

This checklist is a listing of everything you may want to use when orientating new or existing Board Members at the beginning of the fiscal year.  You can pick and choose which pieces are more pertinent to your organization, although the checklist does specify which items are a must for the orientation.  Remember, the better you orientate your new Board Members, they better they will be able to do their jobs.  

Watch here for more freebies to be added.


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