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NonProfit Know How is All About You.

Whether you are a nonprofit volunteer, Board Member, staff member, or just plain interested, NonProfit Know How is here to help.  The better you do your "job" with your nonprofit, the greater difference you can make in the world.  I am here to help.

Our Services

Here for You

Pick and choose your areas of interest, or take a leap into learning something new.  It is your choice.


and Freebies

My blogs touch on both nonprofit topics and on my experiences, such as Have you Ever Fired Yourself?  I Did.  Plus, who can turn down a freebie?

Will you succeed? Yes indeed, yes indeed!

98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.  

- Dr. Seuss

Kris Strobel, MNM

  • Currently enrolled in Strategic Leadership PhD program

  • Masters Degree in Nonprofit Management

  • BA in Communications

  • 20+ years working in the nonprofit sector​​

    • Executive Management​

    • Strategic Planning and Organizational Development

    • Program Management

    • Fund Development Management

    • Volunteer Management

  • Certified in Fund Development Management and Volunteer Management

  • 22 years working in the for-profit sector in small business management

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Kris Strobel, MA Nonprofit Mgmt.

Founder, Nonprofit Know How


My courses provide     

in-depth curriculum designed to teach you both about nonprofits in general, as well as to help you become a semi-expert in specific nonprofits topics. 



My webinars give you in depth information and opinions on nonprofit topics and issues, like Chaos to Clarity: Fundraising During the Pandemic.


Kris taught our non-profit the many facets of being a non-profit, some were obvious but other items we never thought of or knew about. She is great with showing opportunities to help us grow to the next level and helping develop steps for even the novice learner.

Kathy E.

Board Chair/Supervisor

Ready to find out more?

Feel free to explore the website and pick and choose what you want to learn more about.  Or, if you choose, go through it all.  The web site is designed for you to move through the information at your own pace.  Enjoy!

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