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Chaos to Clarity: Fundraising During the

Pandemic (35:23)

When your fundraising efforts must look different because of the pandemic and recession, these are the most important fundraising components to continue.

The Nonprofit "New Normal"  (22:37)

This nonprofit expert's opinion of what the "New Normal" will look like after the pandemic and economic recession have run their course.

Shorty Videos

Arranged Alphabetically By Title

3 Fiduciary Responsibilities of a Nonprofit Board Member 1:12

Can a Nonprofit Board Member Be Sued Individually for their Actions? 1:22

Do Nonprofits Pay Taxes?  1:14

Nonprofits and Transparency 1:51

Tapping into Restricted Funds for Operations: Good Idea or Bad?  1:48

What is a Board Member Conflict of Interest?  2:43

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